San Joaquin Community Health Information Exchange (SJCHIE)

SJCHIE offers health information exchange services to all health care providers in San Joaquin County and surrounding areas. Our cost-effective services enable private and secure sharing of patient information across multiple organizations, a key ingredient for improvements in the quality and efficiency of care delivered to local residents.

SJCHIE creates a shared electronic patient health record that can be accessed by a patient’s providers as the patient moves from one facility to the next, giving doctors and nurses access to the information they need to provide safe, effective care. Learn more about how it works.

As a non-profit organization, SJCHIE is governed by a Board of Directors that monitors operations and sets organizational goals to benefit our members, the people they serve, and the wider community.

Collaboration Transparency Integrity
"Promote the holistic well-being of the members of the
San Joaquin Community through the secure exchange of all health information."