How It Works

Physician practices, hospitals, labs, pharmacies and other health care facilities all have fragments of patients’ medical records – important pieces of information that can make a difference when it comes to deciding on a diagnosis or plan of action. Sharing patient information between providers using traditional methods (calling, faxing, or hand delivering) can be unreliable, take a long time, and result in patient information being viewed by unauthorized individuals.

SJCHIE’s HIE service improves this process by consolidating fragmented data into a single electronic record for each patient, making new information available within minutes, and restricting access to patients’ information to authorized individuals. This ensures that doctors and nurses have appropriate access to patient data when they need it.

As shown in the diagram to the right, we use Orion Health’s HIE platform. Data suppliers such as labs and participants’ Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, shown on the bottom, feed data into the Rhapsody integration engine, which harmonizes this information for viewing by users in the clinical portal based on their access permissions.

Secure data exchange through SJCHIE includes the following features:

  • Access to consolidated patient records through the online clinical portal
  • Real-time alerting of patient updates
  • Clinical messaging, including Direct addresses
  • Public health reporting (RIDE and CAIR immunization registries; CalREDIE; CDPH HIE Gateway)
  • Patient access to clinical data through a Meaningful Use Stage 2-certified Personal Health Record (optional).

With the active participation of San Joaquin County Behavioral Health Services, we are also at the forefront of enabling holistic patient care by integrating behavioral health information with medical information in a private and secure manner. And our non-profit Board provides a trusted governance structure to monitor operations and set organizational goals that deliver value to our members and the people they serve.

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"Promote the holistic well-being of the members of the
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